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AK is a professor and jiujitsu expert.

K is a character released with Booyah Update in a collaborated with the popular Indo-American artist AK.


K was a smart kid, but like most kids his age he didn’t take school seriously. When he was 16, still a junior in high school, he got into a car crash and injured his spine. His doctors told him he would never walk again. But he refused to give up - this would not be the end for him. He went to physical therapy, did his own therapy at home, and found a trainer to help him push further. In a year he was walking; in two he was playing sports. This experience taught him a few things that would stick with him for life.

- Don’t take life for granted.

- He had to delve into himself to get through the experience and he learned to understand himself, his motivations as well as his place in the world.

- A side effect of this was that he could now read and understand the people around him in the same ways.

- He also wanted to make his body and mind stronger to never be injured the same way again


Max HP increases by 100. Active Mode: Recover 3 HP every 1s, up to full HP. CD 90s.

Bond Level Up

Level Required Points Rewards
Level 1 None K's Avatar
Level 2 50
Level 3 ?
Level 4 ?
Level 5 ?
Level 6 ? K's Banner