Bermuda is a map in Garena Free Fire. It is the first map that has been added to Free Fire. Bermuda is a forest themed map.

About[edit | edit source]

Bermuda is a map available in Classic and Ranked modes. It is also the map of Clash Squad.It has many places like Peak,Bimasakti Strip and many more. This is the map where beginners play and improve their skills

Bermuda is the default map, when you first play, the map displayed is bermuda, this map doesn't need to be downloaded again. Places on the Bermuda Map are taken from various cities in the world. The size of this Map is 800 x 800 meters

Bermuda map refers to the island of Bermuda to the east of America. List of place in Bermuda

Locations[edit | edit source]

Peak[edit | edit source]

Peak is the highest place on the Bermuda map, this is the center of the map, many players drop there, allowing this to be a gathering point in the middle of the game. There are 3 Loot Boxes on Peak. Peak is a hill in Bermuda, many buildings collapsed (possibly due to the earthquake). There were only 3 houses that stood firm without being destroyed, namely a Chiken House, a Soap House, and a house owned by the rich. There is 1 garage in a simple house

Clock Tower[edit | edit source]

As the name implies, this place has a dead clock tower on the west, this place is ideal for war, especially in the Clash Squad, because it has 2 camps, namely the upper part of the mansion and the lower open house.

Bimasakti Strip[edit | edit source]

In Indonesian, Bimasakti means Milky Way or a puppet character from India "Bhima". This place is in a low place, there are several houses on the side of the road, and has a high tower

Factory[edit | edit source]

There is an old factory that is not used, whether the factory is used for what, no one knows. This is the busiest place, as an average of 20% drops here for boxing or for camp. It is impossible to top the factory part except from the start. Prior to the August 2020 Update, players were able to top the factory with a glider from Peak. This place is great for getting lots of kills. There is a 0.15% chance that the Airdrop is over Factory

Pochinok[edit | edit source]

This place refers to a place in Russia's "Pochinok". There are many buildings here, very suitable for shelter

Katulistiwa[edit | edit source]

This place refers to Indonesian and Malay Language, which means "Equador" or the line of the earth. This place isn't really that exciting, it's a lot of guns and bullets, and more often than not, it's the Blue Zone

Cape Town[edit | edit source]

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa, the buildings here are also similar to the original in Africa

Sentosa[edit | edit source]

Sentosa is a small island in the southeast. This island appeared in the June 2019 Update. There are 2 bridges and 3 sliders that connect Cape Town and the Kota Tua. In the real world, Sentosa is in Garena's home country, Singapore.

Kota Tua[edit | edit source]

Kota Tua probably refers to a historical place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Kota Tua also comes from Indonesian which means "Old Town" There is nothing interesting here, only a small place on the side of the road, players rarely get off here, just pass by.

Mars Electric[edit | edit source]

It is possible that this is the center of electricity in Bermuda Map, there are 2 nuclear reactors and several warehouses. Does the electricity in Bermuda use Nuclear power?

Rim Nam Village[edit | edit source]

Rim Nam is a fishing village in Bermuda, like a village on the coast. There is a mysterious submarine here. This place was in Purgatory.

Hangar[edit | edit source]

The hangar is where a small plane landed in Bermuda, as if it had been abandoned. And it is also impossible for a large Plane to be here, because it only has an aircraft land of 100 meters

I don't know what kind of observation point this is, but what is clear is that this place has a lot of weapons

Mill[edit | edit source]

Mill is a warehouse

Graveyard[edit | edit source]

There are dozens of graves here, as well as the Old House which is full of mystery

Bullseye[edit | edit source]

Bullseye is a place to train weapons, there is something unique here, where if you shoot a target, the target will disappear.

Plantation[edit | edit source]

There are several small houses, and a large dam which forms the tip of the Bermuda river

Riverside[edit | edit source]

There are only bridges and a few small houses

Keraton[edit | edit source]

Keraton is a place from Indonesia, or the residence of kings in ancient times. There is only 1 house with a wall

Shipyard[edit | edit source]

This is the only pier in Bermuda, there are lots of trailers here

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